English courses


Because we believe that learning a foreign language should not be a nightmare, but rather a process in which students have fun while they develop socially, academically and personally.
At Vision Lingua, we work for our students. We want to have fun and want you to have a great time, but even more, we want you to learn and feel comfortable using English in a relaxing atmosphere.
We are located at Nuevos Ministerios, the largest business and financial center of Madrid, with easy access routes: Nuevos Ministerios subway; bus lines 7, 14, 27, 40; and trains.
Our courses are available throughout the year. Students can start the course whenever they want and and we constantly adapt our courses to your scheduling needs.
We offer individual lessons at our school or your workplace that are focused on your specific interests and needs. We will help you become a more efficient and productive employee!
You will be able to communicate with English-speakers, suceed in job interviews, write documents, participate in meetings, teleconferences, seminars, presentations, trips, and much more!
Before the course begins, we offer an oral and written placement test, both free of charge. Based on your  professional and linguistic profile, we adjust our program to make your learning process more relevant, motivating and, therefore, more successful.
Our methodology is based on interactive exercises that improve our student’s communication in everyday situations.  Since we recognize the importance of an immersive, continuous learning process, we provide our students with extra-material for ipads, laptops, phones, tablets, etc., related to each class.
Our course material comes from a wide variety of sources: books, audios, videos, newspapers and magazines. Our students develop their language skills with authentic English materials that help them reach the highest level business performance in real-life contexts.
We have qualified teachers with extensive experience teaching English here to help you achieve your absolute best level of English.
Our business English private course offers the flexibility of sending teachers to your workplace, as well as, if its convenient for you, meeting at our academy for a reduced fee.  Class schedules and frequency are agreed on by both you and the teacher, according to your needs and availability.
Our courses are as follows: