Spanish Courses


1- Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world, with more than 400 million of speakers.
2- It is official in 21 countries across the world. Studying Spanish will differentiate you professionally. Many countries have Spanish as their official language, which gives you more job options.  It’s really helpful to know Spanish either for studies or for business.

3- Traveling to a country and learn the local language makes you more than just a tourist. If you’re traveling to a Spanish-speaking country for reasons of vacation, work or study, speaking Spanish will help you a lot.

4- The Hispanic culture has had and still does a great impact worldwide. Knowing Spanish will open the doors to the cinema, music and literature of Spain and Latin America. You will be able to enjoy the novels of Cervantes, Almodovar films or music in the original version, appreciating the details printed in each language culture..

5- Spanish is a language that comes from the Latin language as French and Italian. These languages share many common features that can help you learn other languages quickly.


Before we start our courses, we check the Spanish skills of all students with our level tests to assign them to the most appropriate class and facilitate the success of their learning. Also, we take into account their interests, goals and their way of learning, so that they will feel self-confident. Our classrooms are a place of communication, exchange of experiences and fun.

The spirit that moves us is focused on providing our students of Spanish extraordinary tools for communication, as well as a wide variety of activities related to the knowledge of the Spanish culture: trips to the Sierra de Guadarrama at 40 ‘from the center and tours for the most emblematic monuments of the city of Madrid, its neighborhoods and its nightlife.

We believe that learning the Spanish language is inseparable from the knowledge of the environment and the teaching of it must go beyond the classroom to the outside. Hence, it is necessary to promote activities in order to consolidate the learning process as a whole and make it a useful tool to interact with the social and cultural environment. In short, for us, teaching the Spanish language to foreigners interested in the rich Spanish culture is a challenge and a responsibility we like to assume.

The educational work is essential to provide motivation to students in a dynamic and interactive environment. We count with a group of teachers with extensive and proven experience, committed with the teaching of Spanish. Our groups are between 6 and 8 students to facilitate interaction.

Our methodology is based on the communicative approach and is articulated in three levels A1 to C2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and the Curriculum Plan of the Instituto Cervantes. Our materials and resources are constantly updated thanks to the ongoing work of our teachers.

In Vision Lingua we have our own examinations and certifications. We also offer specialized classes for the Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE). These exams are official qualifications that accredit levels of competence and proficiency of the Spanish language, granted by the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain.



From level A1 we help our student to access the Spanish-speaking world improving progressively his skills in communication. In addition, we help him develop self-confidence to move forward in the other levels until achieving his social, academic or professional goals.

Our classes are mainly focused on developing the four basic skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking, and improving grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Our classrooms and extra activities become ideal contexts for communication.

Our groups have a minimum of 3 students and a maximum of 8.

We have a wide variety of courses:






Our goal is to improve your Spanish and get to enjoy doing what you like best while you’re with us.

All our packages include: 20 hours of class + 2 activities of your choice + course materials + level test+ certificate / diploma + Tourist information + Total immersion accompanied by a teacher or activity guide. Optional: accommodation + airport transfer.

– ADVENTURE PACKAGE from € 200 / week

If you like sports, nature and risk, these are some of the activities we offer: canoeing, hiking, climbing and adventure packages.

If you have already felt thrilled experiencing exciting activities and want more, in Vision Lingua we know how to help you out.

– CUISINE PACKAGE from € 180 / week

We have designed this course for students who cannot conceive the Spanish culture without its rich and varied cuisine. In addition to classes you will learn enjoying the history, folklore, cooking and winemaking of Spain.

We offer a wide range of activities in line with your interests. If you want to learn to cook gazpacho, paella, Spanish omelette or just enjoy with your friends and teachers tasting these dishes, this is your pack.

– LEISURE PACKAGE from € 160 / week

Madrid lives day and night and we want to show its funny and idle side. Discover the best bars and taverns, the most picturesque neighborhoods, the hidden gardens, the best walks accompanied by our specialists. We want you to enjoy learning Spanish and Madrid in a different way.

We give you the key to the most lively and dynamic city of Spain and we go along with you to help you make the most of your stay in our city.

– FLAMENCO PACKAGE from € 180 / week

Do you want to learn how to dance flamenco? Do you want to listen and see the best dancers and guitarists? With this package of activities you will learn about the art of living flamenco. This is a unique opportunity because flamenco is not only in Andalucia and we want to prove it.

Along with the course we offer Spanish classes and flamenco shows in the best flamenco clubs in the capital.

TRAVEL PACKAGE from € 200 / week

Segovia, Toledo, Aranjuez, Cordoba, Granada, etc … Would you like to travel around Madrid and Spain while you’re with us? If you want to tour some of the most beautiful cities in our country we will help you do so.

With this package you can choose from day trips, weekend trips, historical and cultural trips around Madrid outskirts and towns, along with your teammates and specialized instructors. Get to know new people, cities and the best of our historical and cultural heritage with us.