Intensive Spanish Summer Courses

If you want to improve your Spanish while meeting people from all over the world in Madrid, Vision Lingua is ready to help you plan a incredible summer. Our academy’s mission is to guarantee an enriching, unforgettable experience for you or your children.  We look forward to help you find the most efficient, enjoyable summer of Spanish mastery.

– You will learn a lot and will become better at speaking Spanish.
– You will discover an amazing city full of life and energy.
– You will live a wonderful and enriching experience.
– Studying with Vision Lingua during your holidays is not only useful, but FUN!
– This program can be complemented with our activity packages
Each class lasts 45 minutes, and there are five classes daily, Monday through Friday.
During the weekly 25 hours of class, our students develop the four basic skills (oral and written expression and oral and written comprehension) to improve grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.
Our groups have a minimum of 3 students and a maximum of 8.


20 LESSONS A WEEK + 1 WEEK OF ACCOMODATION (single room)+ 50 EUROS OF TUITION + 1 EXTRA ACTIVITY FOR ONLY 330 EUROS!   This offer can be put toward one of our activity packages.  Inquire for pricing.

INTENSIVE SUMMER COURSE 330 € 660 € 990 € 1320 €


1. Bank Transfer: all bank charges must be paid by the payer. Once payment is made, email a copy of the bank transfer, including the invoice number or student’s ID in the subject, to Use Vision Lingua’s IBAN: ES37 0081 0144 63 0001648566

BIC / SWIFT Code: BSABESBB Banco Sabadell Atlántico bank

Address: c / Sor Angela de la Cruz 11, Madrid 28020, Spain.

2. You may also pay in cash at the academy.