1 – The Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world, with over 400 million speakers.

2 – Spanish is an official language in 21 countries across the world. Studying Spanish will make you stand out professionally, and open up a huge  job market of positions that you’ll be eligible for. It is really helpful to know Spanish either for studies or for business.

3 – Learning the local language makes you more than just a tourist. Regardless of whether you are traveling to a Spanish-speaking country for reasons of vacation, work or study, speaking Spanish will help guarantee you get the most out of your trip.

4 -The Hispanic culture has had and continues to have a great impact worldwide. Knowing Spanish opens doors to the cinema, music and literature of Spain and Latin America. You can enjoy Cervante’s novels, Almodovar’s films or Shakira’s music in the original version, and  appreciate the cultural nuances that do not translate into English.

5 – Spanish, along with French and Italian, is a Romance language that comes from Latin. Romance languages share many common features, which will help you use your Spanish to ick up theseother languages quickly.


Madrid is the capital of Spain and the Community of Madrid. Vision Lingua  is located in the economic and commercial center of the city, Nuevos Ministerios in the historic Paseo de la Castellana. Our school is surrounded by a more genuine atmosphere of a lively and cosmopolitan city, with all kinds of attractions for visitors and students. The spirit that moves us is focused on providing students of Spanish extraordinary communication tool, expanding around the world, as well as others related to the knowledge of the geographical environment and society activities, such as trips to the Sierra de Guadarrama , 40 ‘from the center as well as tours of the most important monuments of the city of Madrid, its neighborhoods and its nightlife.


We are a Spanish school for foreigners in Madrid comprises a team of professionals which not only want to learn the Spanish language but also enjoy living and sharing it with the most authentic and interesting part of Madrid. In our school we combine Spanish classes in small talk with workshops and leisure activities, dining, flamenco initiation, trips to other cities, adventure and even help you practice your favorite hobby in Spain (climbing, music groups, painting, etc …). All in a familiar, dynamic and playful atmosphere. Our students learn Spanish in an easy and fun way.



In our school we offer a range of exclusive packages and elaborate activities, which in addition to learning Spanish you can learn about the unknown part of the city: its streets, landscapes, festivals, traditions, gastronomy, sports. Together with our guides and teachers you can practice Spanish all the time you want.


Our academy offers courses of the six levels of learning proposed in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages of the Council of Europe from A1 to C2. From the A1 level to help students access the Spanish-speaking world, improve their academic training and provide you the confidence to move forward in other levels to achieve the ends it proposes social, academic or professional.


In Vision Lingua  have own certifications and exams. We also have specialized classes in preparation for the Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE). They are official qualifications accrediting levels of competence and command of the Spanish language, issued by the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain.


ADVENTURE PACKAGE for only 200 € / week

If you like different sports, nature and risk, these are some of the activities that we offer: canyoning, hiking, climbing and adventure packages.

If you’ve already experienced strong feelings and want to continue doing so in Spain in Vision Lingua know how to help. Our goal is to improve your Spanish and get to enjoy doing what you love most while you are with us.

Includes: 20 hours of class + 2 adventure activities (canyoning, climbing, etc …) + + course materials + level test certificate / diploma + Tourist + transport + all full language immersion activities accompanied by a teacher or activity monitor. Optional: accommodation + airport transfer.

GASTRONOMY PACKAGE from 180 € / week

We have designed this course for students who can not conceive the Spanish culture without its rich and varied cuisine. In addition to classes you will learn to enjoy the history, folklore, cooking, wine making.

We offer a wide range of activities in line with your interests. If you want to learn to cook gazpacho, paella, tortilla chips or just enjoy with your teachers and savoring these dishes, this is your pack activities.

Includes: 20 hours of class + 2 activities gastronomy (cooking workshop, shop baking, food tours, wine tasting, etc …) + + course materials + level test certificate / diploma + Tourist + Total immersion accompanied by a teacher or monitor activities. Optional: accommodation + airport transfer.

LEISURE PACKAGE from 150 € / week

Madrid lives day and night, and we want to show his funny side and idle. Discover the best bars and taverns, the most picturesque neighborhoods, the hidden gardens, the best walks accompanied by our specialists. Because we want you to enjoy learning Spanish and Madrid differently.

We give you the key to the most lively and dynamic city of Spain and accompany you to make the most of your stay in our city.

Includes: 20 hours of class + 2 leisure activities (taverns and tapas, cafes and historic markets in Madrid, Retiro secrets, etc …) + + course materials + level test certificate / diploma + Tourist + Total immersion accompanied by a teacher or monitor activities. Optional: accommodation + airport transfer.

PACK OF FLAMENCO from 160 € / week

Want to learn to dance flamenco? Want to hear and see the best dancers and guitarists? With this package of activities you will learn the art of living flamenco. This is a unique opportunity because flamenco is not alone in Andalusia and we want to teach you what.

Along with course we offer Spanish classes and flamenco flamenco clubs in the top of the capital.

Includes: 20 hours of class + 2 activities flamenco (flamenco lessons, guitar lessons, dance spectacle and Spanish guitar, etc …) + + course materials + level test certificate / diploma + + language immersion tourist information all accompanied by a teacher or monitor activities. Optional: accommodation + airport transfer.

TRAVEL PACKAGE from € 200 / week

Segovia, Toledo, Aranjuez, Cordoba, Granada, etc … Would you like Madrid and Spain while you travel with us? If you want to tour some of the most beautiful cities in our country we will help you do so.

With this package you can choose from day trips, week-end trips, history and culture of the peoples of Madrid tours. All this together with your teammates and specialized instructors. Meet new people, cities and the best of our historical and cultural heritage with us.

Includes: 20 hours of class + 2 trips (trips to nearby towns or cities like Segovia Madrid, Toledo, Granada, etc …) + + course materials + registration certificate / diploma + Tourist + transportation + all activities immersion Total language accompanied by a teacher or monitor activities. Optional: accommodation + airport transfer.


We want you to feel as comfortable as possible in Madrid making your language course an integral experience. In Vision Lingua much care for the accommodation of our students and for this we have apartments, shared apartments, apartments with Spanish families and residences, so you can choose the accommodation that best suits your needs. Choose the best accommodation according to their features, images and calculates areas and adjusting your budget accommodation to your needs.


Learn languages is a key tool in many social, academic and professional in this increasingly globalized world areas. We offer you the most popular and studied nowadays languages: Spanish, English, Chinese, Russian and Turkish. Although there are many reasons to study with us we will tell you the five most relevant:

1. An excellent opportunity to study at very competitive prices in central Madrid.

2. Classes combine classroom language immersion activities: cultural outings, tours and trips. You can interact with people all over the world inside and outside the classroom.

3. Attentive and close treatment: in Vision Lingua we like to look after our students by providing a quality service and personal attention.

4. Our teaching staff is highly qualified and updated on the latest methodologies in language teaching. With our clear teaching vocation we succeeded in creating a dynamic and interactive environment.

5. Small groups with a maximum of eight students per class. In our academy takes into account the needs and expectations of our students.