POLICY – QOps.PO.DataProtection.01.13

Personal information & Data protection POLICY

  1. You must provide us your information and your emergency contact information in enrolment form.
  2. You or your parents should pass your medical history us. We need to forward it to accommodation responsible if accommodation is appropriate for your necessities.
  3. We keep your information in electronic or paper format.
  4. Some of information you or your education or travel consultant (our sales agents) provide us, will be shared with some of service providers such as, your accommodation responsible, airport meeting and transfer service, activity organizing 3rd If you asked to get integration consultancy as well as Spanish classes or particularly, your information will be shared with any bank to create bank account or for any other facility requisite to do one of those.
  5. If you need a visa to enter to Spain, we must have a copy of fundamental pages of your passport and your Shengen visa. If you do not need a visa, we must have a copy of your document like your European or U.S. identity card.
  6. We have got right to use your information as an input in the statistical data for development activities of our service. If you ask to be excluded from that, your name and contact address will be excluded but not your country in accordance with your wishes.
  7. We might take photographs of students or film them in school, or during the activities in order to use in our advertisement or publicity material, in any media online or real. If you do not want you to appear in that please inform our directors in enrollment form or via any document declaring your wishes. So, we revise publicity material excluding your images or excluding you in recordings.