Advice and emergency services

The last thing you want to think about when coming to Spain is what do in an emergency. But emergencies can happen anytime, and it is much better to know what to do or where to call should they happen to you. Here is a list of emergency telephone numbers.  We suggest that you print them and stick them on your fridge or put in your purse or wallet, just in case.

Don’t expect Spanish emergency services to speak English. There might be an English speaker on 112 services, but there is no guarantee that you will understand each other. Try and call a Spanish-speaker if you can. Otherwise, be patient, speak slowly and clearly and, if possible, work out a few basic sentences in Spanish. Say to the speaker on the phone, “por favor, habla despacio” or “hablo ingles” etc. Whoever is on the other side of the telephone line will end up understanding you, but it may take a while.

Emergency Number
If you require urgent police attention, ambulance, fire brigade etc. 112 (no area code)
If you want to report assault, robbery or accident to the police 902 102 112
Road accidents or information about weather and traffic congestion 917421213

Other Services Telephone
Madrid City Council info 010
Community of Madrid info 012
Lost or Stolen Credit Cards – Visa: 901 10 10 11 
– MasterCard: 
91 519 21 00
– American Express: 91 572 03 03
– Diner’s Club Card: 902 40 11 12 


Farmacia2Call 098 to find pharmacies that are open 24-hours a day.

24 hour  pharmacies. Phone 098
C/Goya, 12 C/Mayor, 13 C/ Atocha, 46
C/Goya, 89 C/Velazquez, 70

Sanidad Internacional

For vaccinations or information regarding travel to foreign countries:

C/ FRANCISCO SILVELA, 57 Tel.: 902-027-373

HOURS: Monday – Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Medicamentos Extranjeros

For hard to find medications and their equivalent in Spain.

Paseo De Recoletos, 14, 1st floor

Tel.: 91-426-9224 or 91-426-9054



(Fundación Jiménez Díaz)

Avenida de los Reyes Católicos, 2, 28040 Madrid
Tel.: 91-550-4800     Emergencies: 91-550-4943

B07PXA Male doctor holding a stethoscope towards the camera


C/ Diego de León, 63 28006 Madrid

Tel.: 91-520-2200


C/ Mirasierra La Masó, s/n 28034 Madrid

Laboratory: Mon – Fri 08:30 – 10:00 (semisótano) Consultas Externas

Tel.: 91-387-5000    Fax: 91-387-5259    Tel.: 91-387-5269


Paseo de la Castellana, 261 28046 Madrid

Central Tel.: 91-727-7000    Fax Central: 91-727-7050    General Emergency Tel.: 91-727-7339


  • Clínica Dental COPPEL Dr. Antonio FERNÁNDEZ COPPEL

Po. Eduardo Dato, 8, Esc. Izda., 1o 28010 Madrid

Tel.: 91-310-0723 Fax: 91-308-0164


  • Clínica Dental Vilaboa Dra. Deborah VILABOA y Dra. Beatriz VILABOA

C/ Hermosilla, 31 – I 28001 Madrid

Tel.: 91-576-5429 Tel.: 91-578-0151 Fax: 91-578-0667


Blanco C/ Avenida de América, 4 – bajo – D 28028 Madrid

Tel.: 91-725-2172

  • Dr. Ulf THAMS

C/ Capitán Haya, 23 2 , Esc. 2, puerta 5 28020 Madrid

Tel.: 91-597-0588    Fax: 91-555-0870

Medical Insurance

There are many options in Spain available to you if you and your family have recently moved to Spain or are preparing to do so. The Spanish Health Service has a reciprocal agreement with the UK and Germany, but you cannot simply arrive without the required health cards and expect to receive treatment as you potentially could in the UK with the NHS.

The options available are as follows and will depend on your own personal circumstances:

EHIC (European Healthcare Insurance Card)

The better-known E111 health card was replaced by the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) in January 2006. The current EHIC card allows you to receive emergency treatment when you are visiting other European countries and as such can be used temporarily in Spain.  However, it cannot be used to provide continuous treatment, or if you are a permanent resident in Spain.

Please note that if you have children, they will also need to be included in your application, so that each member of your family receives their own EHIC card. All EHIC cards are valid for 5 years, after which they will need to be renewed.

Application forms are available from the NHS website, more information here:

You can also apply for a EHIC card by obtaining a form at your local Post Office branch: or by calling the NHS directly on 0845 606 2030

Registering for Healthcare

Although it is possible to register yourself in the Spanish Health Service, there are a number of complex steps required, not least of which are the requirements to be resident and also contributions to social security as a paid employmee working in Spain.

tumblr_ll440opxBK1qil5fko1_1280As a result, it is very common for Expats to take out private medical insurance, not just for medical care itself, but also for ambulance and dental services as well.

If you think that you may fall into this category, you should get insurance sooner rather than later to avoid the risk of being uninsurable for medical problems, which arise over the course of time. The monthly cost of health insurance varies a lot–from 36 Euro to 250 Euro–depending on the coverage of the package, your age and current health issues.