Want to take a once-in-a-lifetime journey through Spain while immersively experiencing its rich culture and beautiful language?

Discover Spain’s diversity with Vision Travel. Meet local people and enjoy the distinct regions of Spain. Learn Spanish in a familiar atmosphere and experience the Spanish way of life. Be part of the adventure and customize your trip based on your preferences!

Choose unique culture activities in Madrid and Barcelona. Start learning Spanish in Spain’s two most important cities and join us on our weekend-trips to Spain’s iconic, unforgettable places. Vision Travel features professional language courses with native-speaker instructors who adapt perfectly to your language level. We offer several Spanish courses especially designed to meet your educational needs, so  you can get the most out of your time here.

Customize your experience by choosing between various cultural activities and trips–all of which guarantee an unforgettable, extraordinary stay. Choose between our language- or culture-oriented approaches. Vision Travel allows you to design your own trip, according to your preferences and needs. Upgrade from the basic package (which includes accommodations, airport transfer, an information folder, breakfast + snack and guided city tour) with language courses and/ or cultural activities. We guarantee that this is  the best way to learn language while discovering our fascinating country.

The Vision Travel team stands for enthusiasm, responsibility and quality – these features represent our team, unite our members and allow us to offer the best possible results. Because of our commitment to your success, we are constantly expanding our program, constantly visiting our partner language institutes and offering the best services to meet our customer’s needs. Be part of something great!

We speak German, English, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.