Tour the historical side of Madrid! After breakfast, our first stop is the larget palace in Western Europe and the official home of the King of Spain, the Palacio Real (finished in 1759) as well as the Santa María la Real de La Almudena, the cathedra... read more


    Madrid is renowned for its world-class art museums. Many of the world’s most famous works are located right here in the capital of Spain1 Our daily activity starts right after breakfast with the Prado Museum, Spain’s most important national a... read more


      Ready to experience the Spanish cuisine? Madrid is the best place to taste all the different culinary dishes that Spain’s regional diversity has to offer. Start the day with Churros and melted chocolate in one of the best churrerías in Madrid. Afte... read more

        Adventure # 1

        Experience Madrid with breath-taking, heart-racing, adrenalin-laced fun. Parque Warner Madrid: Become part of the cinematic world and meet Bugs Bunny, Superman, Batman and more. Experience the thrill of 42 different attractions, including 8 different ... read more

          Adventure # 2

          Experience Madrid with breath-taking, heart-racing, adrenalin-laced fun. Forestal Park Madrid + Escape Room: Push yourself to the limits in this climbing adventure! Get ready for three amazing hours of zip lines, rope ladders and testing your ninja-ski... read more


            Discover Madrid on bike!  Relax on the scenic Casa de Campo Lake and the banks of the Manzanares! Experience the streets of Madrid on e-bike! After a little snack next to the lake of Casa de Campo, you are invited to join us on a boat ride. Our next s... read more


              Toledo – the city of three cultures! Discover the famous city of three cultures and enjoy the historic city center, a UNESCO World Site Heritage.  Stroll through its narrow streets, gasp at the impressive architecture and learn how the three majo... read more


                Be part of the adventure in Segovia. Enjoy a trip to the ancient city of Segovia with its unique monuments, the gorgeous castle (dating back to the Roman Empire) that inspired the castle in Walt Disney’s Cinderella and the iconic Aqueduct. Experien... read more


                  A relaxing day in Aranjuez! Take the time to enjoy the endless expanse of the royal gardens, and discover the magnificent Royal Palace, where royal ceremonies are still held. 9am – 10:30am Breakfast 10:30 – 11:30 Bus trip to Aranjuez 12pm – 1pm Roy... read more

                    Salamanca & Ávila

                    Enjoy a trip to Salamanca and Ávila. Explore the wise and breath-taking city Salamanca, home to Europe’s oldest university. Have you ever heard the legend of the frog and the skull? Next, discover the beautiful city of Ávila–known for its R... read more


                      Cuenca is situated in the area of Castilla la Mancha. Erosion from the rivers Huecar and Jucar has created a beautiful, evocative landscape. Cuenca is also famous for its hanging houses, built right on the edge of cliffs. However, the nearby geological m... read more


                        This magnificent locale is essential if you’re in Madrid! El Escorial is the historical residence of the King Philip II of Spain and one of the most important Renaissance monuments in the world. It continues to function as a monastery, basilica, royal ... read more


                          An action-packed, amazing weekend in Valencia. Experience Spanish history and cutting-edge science in the same place! Get a tan on La Malvorrosa beach, swim in its clear waters, and feel the fine sand between your toes. Our tour includes the traditiona... read more


                            Discover the beautiful and historical part of Andalusia. Visit three incredible cities in one weekend and see all the iconic cultural elements that makes Spain special and extraordinary. Explore Córdoba, Granada and Málaga and let this charming part of ... read more


                              Don’t miss this one! Barcelona is probably the most famous, cosmopolitan city in Europe, and one of the 15 most important tourism destinations worldwide. Every year, as many as 7.5 million tourists are drawn to the city for its diversity. Barcelona ... read more